Code: Map

Here is yet another Creativity assignment here at SIUC! In this project, the entire class came together and placed a marker on their stomping grounds and told a little about the great things of their hometown.

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Code: Infographic


This was yet another project assigned to me in my Creativity class, here at SIUC. We were instructed to go to a website provided and use the stats and graphs given. This was created in Photoshop. I created the background myself using the paintbrush option and removed the fireman from a background and placed him inside my project. I also altered the colors in the graph in Excel.

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Code: Postcard

png ver.png

I did this for an assignment in my Creativity class. We were instructed to go take photos around town and create a postcard for Carbondale, IL. I chose the Woodlawn Cemetery, which I found in my research to be the first place to hold a Memorial Day service. This was made in Photoshop and InDesign.

In the future, I would choose something that holds more readability, and I would be sure to use more accurate wording.

In the editing portion of the assignment, I was happy with what I had done with the picture itself. It was my first time using InDesign, and I was still a beginner with Photoshop.

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SuicideGirls Take St. Louis

SuicideGirls brought the party to St. Louis for their Blackheart Burlesque tour on Thursday, Oct., 1. The show, lasting a little over an hour and a half, featured the girls dancing their way around the stage to the latest pop culture references. Continue reading

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“Why We Need to Talk About Kylie Jenner”

A dear friend of mine shared this article on Facebook, I did not write it or have anything to do with the production of this post.

I am sharing it because I believe it to be an important thing that we all should read and take time to consider. The topic of disabilities makes us all uncomfortable. We never know what to say to a person with a disability or how we should go about interacting with them. The fact that they have a disability somehow often allows us to forget who they are: a normal person.

This latest photoshoot of American’s newest fashion icon brings to surface this topic. But what way are we going to allow it to go? Are we willing to look at her golden wheelchair as a prop, or will we dig further and process it as something that we shy away from and actually talk about it?

Located below is a link to an article someone who lives their life in a wheelchair wrote after seeing the picture of Kylie Jenner posing in a wheelchair on the cover of Interview Magazine.

Follow The Golden Wheelchair


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Changes To Come

Hello, my dear followers!

Just so you all know, there will be some changes coming to my site. As posted before, this was all created as a homework assignment as a way for me to branch out and put everything I have done in my time at school in one convenient place. I will be rearranging things over the next few days to categorize everything into it’s own folder based on what it is, to help navigate traffic flow.

Thank you all for your support and please stay patient with me over these next few days.




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Homework Code: Video Analysis

For this assignment, I chose to analyze the Old Spice ads. These commercials have always been my favorites because of how unique they are to the advertising world. They are not your typical “I’ve seen this a million times” sort of advertisement, they bring something new to the table.

These commercials are able to catch the public’s attention because, first of all, the man hosting the commercial is yelling at you, secondly, there are many explosions, and third, there is so much activity going on. The commercials, which are targeted for women for advertised for men, not only feature a man yelling, but men who are topless and attractive. The men are not your typical men, but what the commercial says your man should look like. It causes men to buy the product to look like the man he should, and women to buy the product to get their men to look like the man he should.

One of the videos included targeted audience is confusing. It features mothers upset that their son’s are using the product and turning into men with a catchy and amusing song with an amusing video. The targeted audience here can be anyone. It could get mother’s to buy the product for their soon to be men because they can relate, or cause boys to buy the product to be more manly. It can also cause anyone to buy it because they found the song and video to be funny and it stuck with them during their shopping trip.

No matter what commercial is advertised for what, Old Spice does well to direct commercials that are unique and comical for anyone, even if you do not use the products.

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